A selection of commissioned writing and interviews from my time on the Pacific Crest Trail and beyond. I'm available for freelance travel articles, blog posts and content contribution, and would love to discuss new projects!

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'The Big Interview: Greg Strachey on Hiking the Epic Pacific Crest Trail' with GapYear.Com

"Most people that travel across the USA do it by road trip. Not many would try to walk. 

Yet that’s exactly what Greg Strachey did when earlier this year he set out to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail. It’s an epic hiking route that begins at the border between and Mexico, before winding its way north through California, Oregon, and Washington, before hitting the Canadian border – that’s 2,650 miles in all.

We caught up with Greg to find out how it went."


'Off the Beaten Track Mountain Towns of Southern California' for Flight Centre UK

This Summer I set off on the adventure of a lifetime, and spent three months hiking through the high desert and mountains of Central California, from the border of Mexico to the boundaries of the iconic Yosemite National Park wilderness.

My trip drew to a close short of its overall goal, however in the time that I spent in the golden state, I’d seen and experienced places that I could never have imagined. None so greater than in many of the mountain towns discovered along the way...