I dreamed of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail as a journey which, starting out, I thought I couldn't finish; that was probably the greatest part of the adventure.

It's still mind blowing to think about how the last three months were once unlikely plans on paper, that came to life and evolved into experiences that I couldn't have imagined seeing and doing as long as I'd live. I was never, and will never be, a hiker - this was about something different, and not least to strive to live in the moment.

After close to 1,000 miles and the experience of a lifetime through highs and lows, the difficult realisation has come that the moment has passed. It's time to find it elsewhere.

It's been a privilege, as has meeting the people who made it what it is and was, and the receiving of incredible love and support from the outside - thank you so much.

Something I wrote previously may not be completely true - maybe some day I'll be back, but most likely not for some time; enough for now.

- Mousetrap

📷: Tommy Corey (Wrightwood - 22nd May)