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I met Birdie in the first week of the trail, as we took each other's photos at the 100 mile marker. Months later we're now very shortly about to reach 1000 miles of the journey to Canada; although we've had to say goodbye to most people within our trail family, I'm so happy to say she's still a part of it.

Surrounding yourself with the right people will make or break your time here and I could think of few better candidates. People who know the sacrifice needed purely to be here, have inspiring outlooks on the largest of hurdles and who itch to tell the story of what we're doing in the right way, that's always so beautiful.

It's a challenging year, not least with the most extreme snow and water conditions in decades, and the financial toll on tackling them, along with the extra time needed to do so, is causing plenty of people to head home and abandon something they've worked so hard for.

Birdie has taken a long thought-out decision to reach out for help, and anything at all would be amazingly appreciated. It's certainly not intended to be a tale of woe, and life will go on whatever the outcome; I'd love though to see a great friend achieve a dream. The link is below, thanks so much! 

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